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  • THANKSGIVING POST #1: I started my Thanksgiving post today and began feeling really sentimental about the people in my life who are so important to me. This guy and this little guy. No matter how busy life gets, you always check in and make sure we stay connected. Thank you for your friendship, @jrnorman21. #livelikechristine #thanksgiving
  • Wow. If you knew what I had to go through this week to get to this day. FriYAY! Time to sit back and relax. Oh and put my foot up. Literally. #livelikechristine #worklife
  • Favorite sweater on my favorite day of the week. I haven’t been sleeping much because my foot is still recovering. So I look a little tired and have been feeling more my age lately. But getting old is a part of the journey, so hey. #livelikechristine #overfifty #wednesdays
PS. Which anti-aging cream are you all using?
  • After ten days of staying home, we’re ready to get back to work. Me and bootsy over here. #livelikechristine
  • No matter how many ugly shoes life throws at you, always make the pretty ones stand out. #livelikechristine #perspective #saturdaynight #feelprettyalways #accessorize
  • Back to basics with a repost from @rdgschneider and the love and support she’s shown for all my stories. Touching one heart. It’s always been about that. #livelikechristine #saturdaze #perspective #eightgoodbyes
  • To be valued and supported in all you do is truly a gift. Thank you, Leo Burnett! And to our awesome PR team for all of today’s posts. By the way, Christine is my middle name. #livelikechristine