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  • Where did fall go? #livelikechristine #tuesdaymorning I swear, I didn’t know this hat was green until this picture 😂
  • It was great meeting you, Avett! All the hugs and squeezes and cuddles were worth the 8 hour flight and the 24 hour stay. You have such an amazing family and are loved and cherished every single day. #livelikechristine #family #friends
  • The most relaxed Saturday I’ve had in a long time. #family #livelikechristine #inlove #thisbaby
  • I know I’m still smack in the middle of promoting Eight Goodbyes. But this weekend, I worked on budgets  during the day and wrote four chapters late at night. This book will piss so many people off but I love the words that are coming straight from my heart. I’m so thankful I get to do this. And that my brain can still switch from one side to the other. Budgets + romance: always the perfect mix for me. #livelikechristine #theyearileft
  • #TBT our most recent vacation. And I need another one. Right now. Where should we go? #livelikechristine
  • I’m still discovering things in this place. All the time. #livelikechristine #newyork
  • The funny thing about balancing your life is that you always find a way to make it work. Rushed back from a meeting in Michigan for a 1 minute walk across the field with my boy. It was worth all the planning and rushing and missing half of a really important meeting. #livelikechristine #memories #homecomingcourt #family