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  • Received this beautiful gift from @ashes390 over the weekend. In addition to being such a lovely surprise, it means the world to me that this human is in my life. Eight Goodbyes was originally titled “Meet Me”, after an actual cafe in Greece where Simon and Tessa’s relationship blossoms. All the other details in this frame are exquisite. #meetme #eightgoodbyes2018 #eightgoodbyes #simonandtessa #gratitude #love #friendship #livelikechristine
  • I wake up this morning to TAG ME - so here’s a selfie from me to you,  made by you. #livelikechristine #overfifty
  • Yesterday was a turning point for my six week post op visit. I went from pain to a shot that was indescribable to waking up to a near normal foot this morning. I even got to do yoga which believe me, gave me back some normalcy. Shout out to my doctor, Samantha, for all her patience and guidance during this time. Praying I’ve turned the corner. #livelikechristine #surgery #overfifty
  • For this year’s gift, I told my husband to surprise me. I think he’s doing a great job, killing me with anticipation. #livelikechristine #merrychristmas
  • Capturing every layer of @laura_tietjens’ work of art. She brings to life her personal view of Anna and Jude’s great love story. I still can’t believe it’s going to be three years since we published this book! Swipe left to see the final masterpiece. #inthislife2016 #judeandanna #romance #love #dante
  • You all know that sneakers aren’t my thing, but these ones are pretty cool. I managed to squeeze into these babies for today’s #leoburnettbreakfast. Just don’t look for me on the dance floor. #livelikechristine #thebreakfast
  • Late in the day but I’m posting anyway. I haven’t been out much with this foot and trying to heal as quickly as I can. But today I hopped a cab and went to my favorite store because .... I’m 54 and I’ve worked hard and I needed to reward myself for staying home for 4 freaking weeks. So this is my happy look. #livelikechristine #grateful #shopping #overfifty