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  • “I can hear myself talking but I don’t know what I’m saying.” Thanks for the laughing fits and the shopping break and chick-fil-a experience. I still hate chicken but I love those nuggets. Love you, @tarrynfisher and @jrnorman21.
  • When all you need is a kick in the a**. #toronto #livelikechristine #mylife
  • From copy girl to CFO. You don’t have to be a wordsmith to share your story with others. For the past two years I’ve been partnering with wonderful organizations that believe in the power of mentorship. I’m giving back for all the wonderful mentors I’ve had in my career. Don’t ever hesitate to lift others with you as you rise up. That way, you’ll never feel lonely at the top. Think of all the parties we can have. Together. #womankind #livelikechristine #mentorship
  • It was great meeting you, Avett! All the hugs and squeezes and cuddles were worth the 8 hour flight and the 24 hour stay. You have such an amazing family and are loved and cherished every single day. #livelikechristine #family #friends
  • The most relaxed Saturday I’ve had in a long time. #family #livelikechristine #inlove #thisbaby
  • I know I’m still smack in the middle of promoting Eight Goodbyes. But this weekend, I worked on budgets  during the day and wrote four chapters late at night. This book will piss so many people off but I love the words that are coming straight from my heart. I’m so thankful I get to do this. And that my brain can still switch from one side to the other. Budgets + romance: always the perfect mix for me. #livelikechristine #theyearileft
  • #TBT our most recent vacation. And I need another one. Right now. Where should we go? #livelikechristine